The White Sea

The White Sea (earlier was called «The Cold Sea») is one of the smallest seas around our country. Its square is 90000 km2 (including many islands with the best known Solovetskiy Archipelago among them). A coastline of the White Sea is indented with bays and bights. Shores of the Onega Bay have the most favorable climatic conditions in the Arkhangelsk region, rich of flora and fauna. Local winters are mild and snowy. Shoaling water warms up very intensively, sometimes up to +25 – +27 oC (77-800F), especially shallows. There are such remedial factors as: purest ionized air, coniferous forests, sea-bathing, fine sandy beaches and special healing clays. Shallows are very suitable and safety for swimming and active rest for everybody. You can also get a tan relaxing under the Sun from early morning till evening because of a summer solstice in June and July.

Winter fishing is one of the most popular kinds of active rest and at the same time it is a traditional seasonal work. Smelt fish, navaga, Baltic whitefish, flounder and many more are found in local waters. Thousands of winter fishing fans arrive here in search of excitement and pleasure every year.