The White Sea

The White Sea (erstwhile it was called «Studionoye» – the Cold Sea) is one of the smallest seas surrounding our country. Its surface is 90 thousand square kms, including numerous islets. The Solovietskye Islands are most well-known of them.

Numerous inlets and coves cut the shores of the White Sea. Inhabitants of Severodvinsk watch Dvinskaya Gouba (inlet) while walking along the embankment, and dwellers of Onega and its visitors enjoy the sights of Onezhskaya Gouba (Onezhskaya inlet).

The most favourable climate is near Onezhskaya Gouba where the White Sea is rich of flora and fauna. Winters are mild and snowy. Coastal waters are well

warmed in summer, especially in the area of Onezhsky skerries, but in winter the water is covered with ice.

The medical factors of the Onezhsky inlet include pure well ionized air thanks to numerous coniferous forests, seabaths, nice sandy beaches and therapeutic muds.

The gently sloping bottom of the beaches near Onezhsky shores assists bathing, swimming and the active family rest.

Undoubtedly, winter fishing is the most popular kind of active rest and a trade at the same time. One can catch smelt, navaga, sig and flatfish in the White Sea in winter. Every year those who like ice fishing come hear seeking out excitement and pleasure.

3 interesting facts concerning the White Sea

  1. It is one of the smallest seas. Only the Azov Sea is smaller.
  2. The difference of the levels of tides and ebbs is about 2 meters.
  3. It was the very first time in history that a merchant marine ship of Great Britain visited a Russian seaport at the White Sea.