Route «Pomor (coast-dweller) villagers

“Route «Pomor (coast-dweller) villagers», rural tourism. – Ethnocultural touris

Season: Summer Duration: minimum 2 days.

Departure (start point): Arkhangelsk

Living in a guest house – minimum 600 roubles/person

Excursions – minimum 100 roubles/person

Nourishment, additional services
Departure from Arkhangelsk, after 114 km along the road Arkhangelsk-Onega -there is a turn to the right toward Pournemah,

– and farther on there is the village of Pournemah (The tent Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (y.1618), The winter Church of Christmas (y.1866),

– the village of Nizhmozero (a fishing trip in the White Sea or lakes can be organized, there is a guest house),,

– Kyanda village (an excursion visiting Auntie Cambalikha),

– Vorzogory village (the Presentation Church with a belfry tower y.1793, the Church of Saint Nickolas y.1636,, the Church of Zossima and Savvatiy y.1850, an observation excursion around the village, visiting the museum of pomors’ (coast-dwellers’) routine). .


From Arkhangelsk having passed along the road to Onega via Severodvinsk after 114 kms of driving turn to the right to Pournemah village (there is a guide sign to Pournemah), after visiting Pournemah and Nizhmozero return to the road Arkhangelsk-Onega, there will be Kyanda on the 55th km, then proceed to the town Onega. You’ll find there a ferry across the Onega river (you can learn the schedule of the motor ship calling 8921 480-52-66), then ask for a lift to Vorzogory calling 8921 815-08-68 because no buses go there.


* Phone the owners of the guest houses before the trip.

*Nizhmozero (8921 811-93-10 Andrey), Kyanda (8953 939 3916 Svetlana), Vorzogory (8 911 598-14-50, 8921 495-59-80 Nickolay

*Clothes according to the weather (warm footwear is a rigid must)

*Have ready cash and a bank credit card about you

* Have a camera and be in high spirits!