Places to see in the Onega region


  1. The village of Podporozhye. A five-domed cube Church of Vladimir God Mother’s Icon) (year 1745)
  2. Piyala. The Church of the Ascension (years 1651-54), belfry tower (year 1700)
  3. Tourchassovo. The Church of Transfiguration of the Saviour (y.1786)
  4. Maloshouika. Abramovskaya village – A temple complex consisting of the «summer» tent Church of Saint Nickolas (y.1638), and of the «winter» cube 5-domed Candlemas Church (y.1879), and of a belfry tower (y.1807)
  5. Vorzogory. A beautiful village, the Onega triplet, the Presentation Church with a belfry tower (y.1793), the Church of Saint Nickolas (y.1636,), the Church of Zossima and Savvatiy (y.1850)
  6. Syrya. The Church of Nicholas the Wonderworker (y.1866)
  7. Kiy island. Exaltation of the Holy Cross Monastery (y.1656), the Holy Cross Monastery of Kiy
  8. Pole village. The Church of the Epiphany (y.1851)
  9. Verkhovye village settlement. The Chapel of the Smolenskaya icon of the Mother of God (y.1875)
  10. Davydovskaya village. Bolshaya Kanzapelda village. The Church of Quiricus and Julietta (y.1847)
  11. Nimienga village. The Church of Transfiguration of the Saviour (about y.1800)
  12. Niormoushah village. The Chapel of Saint George (y.1779)
  13. Pournemah. The tent Church of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker (y.1618). The winter Church of Christmas (y.1866)
  14. Svyato-Bogoyavlensky. The monastery of Kozheozero